WordPress version update reminder

So I have some Linux, Ubuntu, servers that are used for shared hosting. Many of the customers use WordPress and I think that it’s an awesome solution that so many can get a great website up and running in almost no time. The flaw with WordPress is that it has a lot of security holes if they don’t upgrade to the latest version. WordPress has a great update feature, but since my customers do not log in on their sites they don’t see that, so what to do. I decided that sending them an email would maybe encourage them a little, specifically the site admin.

I couldn’t find any good script that solved my problem so I decided to copy paste something that would do the trick.

Updated and locate are a good start for finding version.php.

I’ve put my files under /root/scripts/wp-version

run-wp.version-finder.sh looks like this:

The wp-version.php script looks like this:


The get it all to work I run the main script once a month, first monday at 8:00


Add a line that looks like this:

That is all
As always, post a comment if you find it useful.

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